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Our body knows the way..How to access your inner knowing

How often do you take a moment to connect with your body? To stop and listen to it’s innate wisdom? Did you even know the wisdom of the body exists? Be honest with yourself and hold no shame around this! This is a good indicator of how connected you are to yourself.

Most of us are living in our heads, trying to think our way out of situations which sometimes need to be felt. I can tell you one thing for sure, the body never lies and everything you need to know lies within. The problem is - we can't find the answer when we aren't listening.

This was the way I lived for a very long time. Trying to figure out everything in my mind, usually going around and around in circles, becoming stressed and overwhelmed. I shut off my inner knowing completely, and ended up in careers that were totally unsuited to me, attracting the type of men that weren’t right for me, had bouts of high anxiety and often numbed feelings with alcohol instead of facing them. I had disconnected with my feminine to protect her, and almost lost her in the process. We all have an innate, built in compass within us - all we have to do is drop in and feel it.

The mind is a tool to be used, not a master to abide by.

Our bodies are constantly working to keep us in a state of harmony and balance. Perhaps you have digestive issues that won’t go away? Unexplained UTI’s or a frequent itch down there? Acne that won’t go away no matter what damn products you apply? Or simply feeling tired all the time. Our bodies are saying - no more! When we plague them with the wrong foods and drinks, don’t balance our stresses, sleep with the wrong people or don’t honour our boundaries.

Too often we are conditioned to seeking help and answers outside ourselves - to pop a pill or take a course as a magic fix. It isn’t until we go inside ourselves and truly listen, that we experience the freedom and liberation of life. To know exactly what we need, and should provide for ourselves, in order to heal. To be fully present with ourselves, our emotions, our shadows, our pleasure and our beauty.

Healing practices and female embodiment techniques allow us to give our heads a rest, and let our body show us the way. This path isn’t linear, there is no right or wrong way to reside in this state of knowing, and no one can tell you what is right for you except for you!

We can often provide our own harmony:

  • Take the time to sit with your body and your emotions

  • Look at yourself in the mirror for a full 10 minutes with love and without judgement

  • Meditation and deep belly breathing

  • Do practices which involve mind body connection such as yoga

  • Set alarms during the day to remind you to pause and check in with your body

  • In a relaxed state ask yourself questions and notice if you feel expansive or contracted by the answer - that's your body showing you the way

  • Hold your hands to your chest over your heart chakra, and take deep loving breaths into this space

  • Upon waking ask yourself, what do I need right now to set me up for this day?

Learn to trust your body again, and you will reap the benefits.

I am by no means saying ditch your Doctor or Therapist, I am imploring you to take a deep dive inside and see if you can answer some of the questions that others cannot. There is only one of you, and no one knows you better than your own body.

Commit to owning your body, living through your body and residing in a state of ease, joy, connection and love.

My Healing and Coaching offerings can facilitate you further with communicating with your body, accessing your inner wisdom and embodiment. Guiding you to empowerment, embodiment, pleasure and inner alignment. Drop into your body now, and see if these offerings are aligned with what you need at this time!

Much Love,

Sophia x


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