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Sophia is going on Maternity leave in May 2023, and is fully booked until then. 

Please subscribe at the bottom of the page for details on events she will be holding over the next year, as well as info on when Healings open back up x 


A beautiful combination of Reiki Energy healing, Shamanic Healing and Channeling offers the recipient all the benefits of a in person healing, in the comfort of their own home. 

Sophia facilitates a distance healing ceremony, where she can tap into your energy field and remove blocked and stagnant energy, raise your vibrational frequency, and connect you to your innate healing abilities.


She uses a range of healing tools to provide a powerful experience - vibrational tuning forks, crystal therapy and vibrational sound healing. 

You will receive a photo of the tools used, as well as a personalised guidance card reading.

Sophia channels intuitive insights as she connects with your energy, and sends a detailed follow up email with what she picked up, as well as lifestyle recommendations and further reading/exercises to continue your healing journey beyond the session. 

For distance sessions Sophia asks the following: 

  • That you are lying down or sitting in a comfortable space in your home for the duration of the session. Most people like to lay down in bed to fully relax. 

  • To create a space conducive to healing - such as phone off, dimmed lights, ensuring you are uninterrupted

  • For distance sessions, you don’t have to do anything in particular, but you are welcome to meditate, or simply relax and put some nice soothing music on. Sometimes it's nice to place one hand on your heart and one hand on your belly. 

  • Lighting a candle or incense, playing some relaxing music can also be a nice touch to allow you to relax 

  • Stimulants such as alcohol, coffee etc be avoided for at least 6 hours before the session. 

  • Send Sophia a photo of yourself so it's easier for her to tune into your energy. 

There is no verbal contact between Sophia and the recipient during the healing. Many people report feeling energy moving through their body during the healing, know that if you do or don't both are totally normal. The best thing you can do is relax, and ask that your body and mind remain open to receive the healing. 


"I had the most incredible distance session with Sophia and can’t recommend her enough!
I felt so much lighter after our session and received some really insightful and helpful things that I really needed to hear I’m still ( a month later) putting into practice the things that came up for me and am so grateful for the advice from Sophia she is such a wise gifted and beautiful woman! I absolutely loved the detailed breakdown of the session and still look back over it when I need a check in.
Highly highly recommended"

- L.Clarke, Kapiti Coast

"I was lucky enough to be the chosen winner for Sophia’s free distant healing session. I had no idea what to expect from this but wow! The email I received from Sophia after the session was so detailed and I was blown away by how much she could pick up on from my chakras. It was my first ever spiritual healing session and I am now looking at doing a reiki session hopefully soon! Sophia is truly talented! 10/10 recommend booking in with her."

- G. De Laurier, Auckland

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