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Warmest of welcomes! My name is Sophia, Let me tell you a little about me..

What gets me out of bed every morning is my passion to work with and support women. Nothing makes me happier than facilitating and witnessing release, surrender, healing and transformation for the beautiful people I work with!

















I am a Spiritual woman, and I am also a business woman. I am guided by intuition and spirit, and I respect and value science. 

I advocate a life of living in the now, radical freedom, surrendering to the future, loving myself fully, respecting Mother Earth, showing up authentically and speaking my truth. 

I love all things yoga, dance, animals, movement, nature, caring for the planet, embodiment, truth, community, family  and spirituality!

How did I get here? 

My first 'path' was rather different to where I am now! I have always been an empath and knew I wanted to help others. This led me to working in the Veterinary industry for 8 years as a Veterinary Technician, Pharmaceutical Territory Manager and then a Practice Manager

This work was full of growth, but it was keeping me stuck at the same time. I knew it wasn't my true calling. I had numbed myself of my true passions and desires, and was just living life day to day, without that fire in my belly. I became disconnected from my intuition, my body, my spirituality and those around me. I often felt anxious, lost and lonely - unable to hold myself through the waves of life. 

In 2017 we were blessed with our beautiful son Luca. The gift of becoming a Mother was the start of my spiritual journey and I decided to follow my passion for healing and holistic health down the human route.


I began training and becoming certified in different modalities. After completing numerous self-help and progression trainings, coaching, therapy, workshops, shadow work and life experiences - my world was blown open. 

I dove deep into my conditioning, programming, limiting self beliefs, inherited wounds and trauma. I began the process of healing myself, from the inside out. 

It became my mission to facilitate and educate women on this process. To offer my services to the world. The quote 'it's not what you receive in life, but what you give that makes you truly happy' rings so true to me. 



I devote my life to this work, and I am honoured and blessed to be a part of my beautiful Sister's journeys. 



So....What Can I offer you? 

+ Releasing emotional traumas 

+ Guidance to your higher self 

+ Emotional release 

+ Self love and self care

+ Healing wounds around love 

+ Balancing the chakras 

+ Empowerment 

+ Embodiment 

+ Inner child re-parenting

+ Anxiety, stress and depression management 

+ Addiction guidance 

+ Reignite purpose and passion 

+ Spiritual Healing and guidance 

+ Sacred womb healing 

+ Yoga 

+Much more!

With my Healing sessions you will receive my life's mission of transmitting the wisdom and tools I have learnt, along with the divine healing of Reiki energy. I cannot wait to share this, and more with you! 

I acknowledge and respect that to show up as the best version of myself for my clients, I need to always be progressing with my own healing and spiritual transformation. Healing is a journey, not a destination! I am as dedicated to my own transformation and evolution as I am to yours. I hold absolutely no judgement, I am open and will meet you as an equal to be heard, seen and welcomed. 

Much love,


Sophia x 







Reiki level I

Reiki level II

Reiki level 3a Master Practitioner

Reiki level 3b Master Teacher Practitioner

Energetic Vaccine Clearing Training - Neo Shamanic Society

9 Moons Womb Awakening Training 

Healing Mastery - Neo Shamanic Society

Womb Sciences Immersion

Certified Life Coach and NLP Practitioner  

150 hours Advanced Tantrik Hatha Yoga 

Diploma in Veterinary Nursing 

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