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"My session with Sophia was so transformative. This was my first ever reiki healing session and I was quite nervous/didn't know what to expect. Sophia made me feel so comfortable, understood and safe in her space. It has been 3 days since my session and I truly feel like a new person, I will definitely be coming back - thank you Sophia x"

- A.Smith, Auckland

"Sophia made me feel very comfortable as this was my first experience doing a Reiki or healing. I could feel her beautiful energy in my space and her notes afterwards were aligned with how I was feeling and the after care exercises were really helpful. Would recommend x
I loved the video recording of Sophia's space and cards the she pulled for me and often refer back to it."

- N.Irving, Auckland

"I walked into my healing session with Sophia, with my adrenals at such a high, I came out so super relaxed and feeling amazing. She has such a lovely energy about her that I felt as soon as she opened the door and welcomed me into her beautiful space. During the session I felt a relaxation that I don't think I have felt before and I walked away with some helpful tips and a knowing going forward what I need to do. Thanks so much Sophia you are incredible <3"

- N.Gurau, Auckland

"My remote healing session with Sophia was really special. I many synchronicities came up between the experience I had and the cards she pulled for me. She sent me a video of the gorgeous room she set up for me and the healing modalities she used. It showed me how intentional she was even with out me in the room. He follow up email was spot on with her findings and her suggestions. Very grateful for this experience and highly recommend her as a high quality, intuitive energy worker."

- M.Plum, Australia

"Wow !! I have had many reiki healings in my life but nothing ever like this. Sophia has a gift like no other. I did the distance healing and clairvoyance at first I was quite sceptical how distance healing would work, but it was pure magic if your ever thinking of having a healing with Sophia do it now you seriously won’t regret it. Love and light 💕"

- A.Helliker-Hales, Auckland

"I had a profound experience with Sophia. I have been bottling up feelings, emotions and anxiety for some time (probably since a trauma in my twenties, which I hadn’t even previously considered). It came to a head after an event 3 weeks ago and my nervous system went in to overdrive and overwhelm. She created a safe and secure place for me, allowing me to fully release that energy and emotion that had been trapped for years. I had been battling constant adrenaline, panic and anxiety for 3 weeks (and, if I’m honest with myself for some time beforehand), which had been impacting my ability to perform day to day tasks or work effectively.
This evening, after following some of her aftercare suggestions, I finally feel some peace. It was nothing short of astonishing and I will be forever grateful to her."

- H.Barraclough, Auckland

"This was my first time doing anything like this. After a traumatic womb experience 7 months ago, this has felt like a massive step going forward in the way of healing. I did not know what to expect and my expectations were exceeded. I genuinely feel big changes ahead. Sophia is also so so lovely!"

- S.Leitao, Auckland


"I had a distance womb healing with Sophia as I am living in Japan. The information Sophia provided me post healing was so on point and very in line with everything I am experiencing in my life. She was so resourceful with providing steps for moving forward, and I would definitely reccomend. I feel so grateful to have had the experience 💜

- S.Harris, Japan 

"I received my first Reiki session with Heal with Sophia last week. Being on opposite ends of the country I booked in for distance healing. I created a sacred space just for myself as guided by Sophia. I felt her energy enter my space very strongly but so peacefully. My whole being smiled. Our session was incredible! Not long after I received a beautiful email with tools and exercises to continue with my self healing journey. I highly recommend reaching out to Sophia for Reiki. I will be getting in touch with her again. Perhaps one day it will be in person. Absolutely Lovely!"

- S.Silke, Kapiti Coast

"I live in Perth Western Australia and recently had a distance Reiki healing session with Sophia who is in Auckland NZ. I found it to be an amazing experience. I could feel the energy in the areas as she was working. The relaxed state I entered was blissful and I felt energised and lighter. Afterwards the things Sophia had picked up on were exactly where I had health issues and she gave me very practical advise that I could use. Sophia is very intuitive and I highly recommend her services that she provides with such love."

- V.Reid, Perth 

"This was a first experience for me getting an energy healing targeting a trauma that I have held for a while. She was super welcoming, attentive, and genuine in her methods of connecting, practice and being. Going overtime out of love for her practice and healing, following up with care and exercises... I can not recommend her enough!"

- B. O'Connor, Auckland 

"It was the first time I have tried distance healing and it was absolutely amazing. During the session I could feel the energy moving and after the session I felt lighter, grounded and more in peace.
Communication with Sophia was really pleasant. She sent me an email before the session with information about what to expect and how to prepare myself. And her email after the session was full of information about what she picked up during the session and let me just say it was absolutely spot on! I would absolutely recommend her services to anyone."

- A.Miskova, Auckland



"First time doing Reiki for me. I had a really good experience, I felt very understood by Sophia. Not just from our discussion, but also from her practice. Truly intuitive and able. It was challenging work, but I felt expertly guided all the way through. Thanks Sophia."

- L.Cole, Auckland

"I had the most incredible distance session with Sophia and can’t recommend her enough!
I felt so much lighter after our session and received some really insightful and helpful things that I really needed to hear I’m still ( a month later) putting into practice the things that came up for me and am so grateful for the advice from Sophia she is such a wise gifted and beautiful woman! I absolutely loved the detailed breakdown of the session and still look back over it when I need a check in.
Highly highly recommended"

- L.Clarke, Kapiti Coast

"I was lucky enough to be the chosen winner for Sophia’s free distant healing session. I had no idea what to expect from this but wow! The email I received from Sophia after the session was so detailed and I was blown away by how much she could pick up on from my chakras. It was my first ever spiritual healing session and I am now looking at doing a reiki session hopefully soon! Sophia is truly talented! 10/10 recommend booking in with her."

- G. De Laurier, Auckland

"Feeling so much better after seeing Sophia, loved the combination of different healing methods and my card reading, she has given me lot's of helpful tools and material to continue my healing journey, Thank you!".

- K. Lewis, Auckland

"I have had three sessions with Sophia and each one has been really incredible. She has helped me move through alot of stuff from my past, and I have made some really healthy lifestyle changes since following her guidance. She is a beautiful soul and I will continue to make sessions with her part of my wellbeing toolkit."

- S. Davis, Auckland



"I had such an amazing, therapeutic and awakening session with Sophia. The space she held for me and the safety I felt with her was something I will always be grateful for. I cannot wait until my next experience."

- R. Harrison, Cambridge



"I am so happy to have found Sophia, it was truly an unreal experience that I've never had anything like before!"

- C. Baker, Auckland



"I was blown away with my session with Sophia. Everything was utterly perfect, Sophia is a true gift here on Earth helping others"

- L.Hamlet, Auckland

"I had the most nourishing session with Sophia. She has a great presence and really put me at ease. The space Sophia creates is beautiful, calming and safe. I have already booked in for my next session". 

-A.Cole, Auckland

"Sophia has such a beautiful, calming presence which makes every session feel so special. She has a big heart, pure intentions and is amazing at what she does. If you are wanting a sign - this is it. Go see her and experience what she can do, you won't regret it."

-M.Palmer, Auckland



"From the moment you walk in, to the moment you receive your followup email, start to finish, you feel completely held and supported by Sophia. Sophia has a true gift, she is deeply intuitive and a vast knowledge of her work. She creates an incredibly safe space so you can work through and release whatever you need. Her gentle voice guides you through the session, with that I knew I was not alone in this healing journey - she was there, holding space for you to be, to heal, to release. The peace I felt afterwards was so welcome. I am very grateful for Sophia and her offerings. Looking forward to continuing my journey with Sophia."

-F. Blackall, Auckland



"I had my very first Reiki session with Sophia today and it was nothing short of amazing. Sophia has a very calming and kind presence and  felt very at ease. I didn't know what to expect as I have never had a healing session before but it was amazing. I feel so much lighter already and so ready for my next session. Thanks so much Sophia :)". 

-C. Vernon, Auckland



"Walking into Sophia's - all I felt was at like being at home. She has made such a loving welcoming space- I wasn't entirely sure what it was that I needed that day but Sophia has this beautiful way of freeing what doesn't need to be there and giving so much love and connection to truly heal.
I spend the next day or few feeling so at ease and in peace - I'm so grateful for receiving such amazing energy and can't wait to see you again Sophia.Thank you! Xx". 

-G. Taffard, Auckland



"My mother in the UK had been seeing someone there face to face intermittently (because of lock downs) for a year and had been having limited success. After just 4 remote sessions with Sophia so far this year (2021) my mother is taking daily walks, sitting outside, writing in a diary and a number of other very significant steps forward. I cannot speak highly enough of Sophia and the positive influence she's had."

-C. Lindley, Auckland 



"My session with Sophia was so healing and comforting, and I felt so safe during the whole experience". 

-A. Musa, Auckland 

"I feel amazing after my session yesterday with Sophia, and her loving and caring approach. I am thankful and honoured to have connected with her. She has an amazing gift". 

-P. Mayes, Auckland 

"Experienced such a beautiful healing session - Sophia has an incredible gift and I'd highly recommend her to anyone".  

-D. Harper, Auckland

"The past few years I feel like I’ve fallen a bit off track and lost my ways as I was consumed with overwhelming thoughts and emotions. Sophia helped release this stagnant energy. I now feel aligned and and ready to connect with my higher self again.  I will be forever grateful for Sophia’s healing abilities. Thank you so much for bringing me from one of the darkest places in my life to one of the most freeing spaces I’ve ever been in."

-T. Simas, Auckland


"I had the most incredible, magical and healing Reiki session with Sophia in her beautiful healing room. If you are feeling run down and needing a charge up, book in with her as she fills up fast!"

-F. Heke, Auckland

"I absolutely loved and enjoyed my time with Sophia, and feel so grateful I was led to her. Sophia is a talented, gifted young woman who exudes so much warmth and beautiful energy". 

-G. Baker, Auckland

"Today was my first time ever receiving a reiki and I’m so happy it was with Sophia. She made me feel very safe and able to express my feelings, I can’t wait for my next session in the near future"

-C. Groenewald, Auckland

"I had my first session today with Sophia and was just completely blown away. I really could not have expected what I would feel, I think someone must be truly gifted to heal the way Sophia does, I feel like if I jumped on a scale I would literally weigh lighter than I did before I saw her today, I will continue to have more sessions and would recommend her to anyone with an open mind, it was truly a powerful and amazing experience for me that I will hold close forever! 🤍 "

-R. Kelly, Auckland

My partner and I have been seeing Sophia as a couple for around three weeks and I cannot recommend her highly enough. We have seen a couples counsellor before, but what Sophia offers is so different to anything I have seen or heard of available for couples at the moment. She guided and coached us with practical tips and knowledge, did sessions as individuals, and also did combined healing sessions. We feel really connected and excited for our future. 

-K. Foster-Harris, Auckland 

"I had my first Reiki session with Sophia yesterday. She immediately put me at ease, and I felt really relaxed afterwards. Today I feel more energised than I have in months. I would highly recommend Reiki with Sophia."

-J. Maskell, Auckland 

"I was referred to Sophia through a colleague and I am so grateful that I decided to book in with her. I have been going through a difficult time in my life, and I feel as though a weight has been lifted off me. I feel more aligned and connected to my true self than I have in a long time. I continue to see Sophia on a monthly basis and always look forward to my sessions."

-M. Pearson, Auckland

"Sophia performed distance reiki on me and wow blew me away! I was very sceptical whether it would work but was left with no doubt, particularly after detecting rather obscure physical ailments I'd been experiencing. Uncovered some subconscious stuff I need to process and focus on, and also re-affirming something I had been considering a few days prior. A truly memorable experience hoping I can repeat in physical presence soon."

-S.Reid, Melbourne

"I had a great experience yesterday with Sophia. It was my first time with a coach and receiving reiki and she completely put me at ease immediately. I left feeling lighter and relaxed. 100% recommend for any woman thinking about it, to trust and book in!"

-J. Donnelly, Auckland 

"First time experiencing Reiki and Im so blessed I felt called to book in with Sophia. Sophia managed to book me in super last minute and it was amazing beyond belief. Can't recommend her highly enough, and will be incorporating reiki with Sophia into my lifestyle going forward <3"

-E.Hett, Auckland

"A friend knew I was going through a tough time and suggested I have a session with Sophia. What a game changer it was for me! She welcomed me into her beautiful space and we quietly established my history and needs. With lovely gentle music and touch she brought about the most amazing internal peace for me. Over the next few days, I found mediating with the crystal she gave me, I have experienced physical, mental and spiritual relief,  plus peace and calm. In our changing world and circumstances,  I do hope others will prioritise experiencing her gifts and treat to themselves or others with a healing or simply the pleasure of a session with Sophia. With gratitude Marion"

- M.Okane, Auckland

"I can highly recommend Heal with Sophia to anyone wanting some deep inner healing. I was a bit of a skeptic before trying reiki for the first time but after my first beautiful session with Sophia I am now a true believer in its benefits. I came out of the session feeling light, positive and energised. Thank you Sophia! - I'm looking forward to my next session."

- R.Cataldo, Auckland


"Last week for the first time I had Reiki done with Sophia it was the most beautiful experience she helped me release so much built up emotions I was holding onto once our session was over the sensation was so overwhelmingly wonderful I felt so light as if a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. She is truly an incredibly gifted young lady who has my highest recommendation ❤"

-H.O'hare, Auckland

"I had a Reiki healing session and Coaching session combo with Sophia, and I cannot recommend Sophia enough! I have been struggling after a marriage breakup, also with hormonal issues and an injured tailbone. Sophia did a beautiful Reiki session to begin with, and after she treated my body, I had almost no pain in my tailbone, my heart and emotions felt softer and I felt lighter and happier in myself. She worked on my womb and throat chakras and I am definitely benefiting from the results. The coaching session helped me uncover why I am having some of the blocks in my life, and I have rediscovered some of the passions I had forgot about. She also gave me many tips and tricks to manage my stress and anxiety. Sophia offers a full package for healing, I feel rejuvenated, inspired and will 100% be coming back for more sessions. Thank you Sophia!"

- R.Wylie, Auckland

"Today I had my first ever Reiki healing session and I am so blessed that it was with Sophia. I have never experienced something so beautiful. She has created such a peaceful healing space, both in the room and with her presence. Before I went to see Sophia I had so much tension I often found myself lashing out. I left today feeling lighter than I have in the longest time and more connected to myself than I have ever been. She has given me valuable messages that I will hold dearly. I absolutely recommend Sophia and her incredible healing techniques."

- H.Elkington, Auckland

"My recent healing session with Sophia was incredible. I went with the intention to have guidance and help with my emotions. I struggle with anxiety and depression and have a highly stressful job. I have a three year old and often find myself overwhelmed. I feel SO much more relaxed and in balance. I will continue to see Sophia as I feel better than I have in years." 

- L.Ogle, Auckland 

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