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+ How should I prepare for a Healing session?

  • Please wear comfortable clothes.

  • Please make sure you leave plenty of time available for the session.

  • Be clear about what you would like to be assisted with, what you would like to achieve. What is going to be the main focus of your session?

  • Eat well, but light before you come in.

  • The night before and the day of your session, please avoid alcohol, caffeine, and other stimulating substances.

  • If possible, try to plan a quiet rest of your day after the session, as usually people want to go inward, and rest. 

+ What should I expect to happen during a Healing session?


Sophia will provide a safe, comfortable and supportive environment for your session. It is normal to have some nervousness before experiencing something new, but just know you will be held, and that nothing will go wrong. Think of a session as a beautiful gift to yourself. 

You will arrive and commence with a discussion around what you are experiencing at the moment, any issues you would like to bring up, discuss your focus for the session and what you would like to achieve. 

You will then lay on the massage table, fully clothed and begin to settle into a comfortable and relaxing state. 

Before commencing the session, Sophia may be guided to do some breathing exercises to aid relaxation and bring you into your body. 

Sophia will then begin the session, channelling energy through her hands into your body and energetic system. She works hands on, from the crown of the head down, and focuses on the energy centres within the body, and any other areas she feels called to work on. 

You may experience a warm, tingly sensation as the energy flows into your body, or you may feel nothing at all. Either way, know that the healing energy is being distributed to where it is needed. 

She may also do meditations, crystal healing, sound healing and other modalities she feels called to use to clear your blockages. 

Post treatment Sophia will have a discussion with you, and do a guidance card reading for you. She tries to avoid too much discussion post treatment, as this brings your consciousness into your mind, and it is more healing to stay in your body for as long as possible. 

With this in mind, she sends you a personalised follow up email, with all the details from the session and recommendations. 

+ How will I feel after a Healing session?


Most people report feeling emotionally lighter, relaxed and more connected to themselves. It is very normal however  to experience some detox symptoms post session. You may experience headaches, cold symptoms, feeling tired, increased digestive activity and feeling emotionally tender. 

Please know that this is a good sign! It’s important to understand that this is a natural part of the process of shifting blocked energies related to the initial emotional, mental, spiritual, or physical distress. The body is detoxifying and the energies in the body are readjusting. These symptoms will fade within 24 to 48 hours. It is recommended that you drink lots of water, ground yourself in nature, and get plenty of rest after the healing. A ‘Healing Reaction’ indicates that the body is detoxifying in preparation for healing. Each person responds to treatment in a different way.

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