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Sophia is going on Maternity leave in May 2023, and is fully booked until then. 

Please subscribe at the bottom of the page for details on events she will be holding over the next year, as well as info on when Healings open back up x 

Our Divine Feminine essence represents our personal power and connects us with ourselves on a holistic level. Not only does the womb hold our divine feminine essence, sexual, sensual and deep root energy, but it can also hold undigested emotions and experiences.

This divine space can be affected by emotional trauma related to physical intimacy, personal stories, unconscious contracts, pregnancy troubles or past life trauma. Examples can include physical bloating, cramps, issues with sex life, anxiety and fear regarding intimacy and relationships


These emotional memories are held in the cells or blueprint of our body, even if your womb or parts of it has been removed. These collected experiences can subconsciously inhibit and limit our growth, keeping us wallowing and stagnate in negative cycles. 

​Sophia works closely with her guides to support the release of spiritual and emotional trauma within the Sacred Womb including sexual trauma, ancestral karma, infertility issues and self confidence issues. This inspires the re-connection within yourself and healing of your sacred womb. The session may also include; crystal therapy, channelled messages, sound healing and guided meditations, depending on individual needs.


Through the power of our womb, we can heal ourselves, access our sensuality, draw in healthy loving relationships, and birth personal projects waiting to come into the world.

Sophia has done extensive research and study on the womb including Ancestral healing, Womb and pelvic anatomy, Energetics of the womb, Mensuration and how to support this, imbalances of the reproductive organs, Heart-Womb alchemy, Womb medicine wheel, Womb Shamanism. 

She has completed an immersion training in Womb Sciences which she weaves together with her vast energy healing techniques to provide an advanced high vibrational healing. Sophia is also a trained Womb Awakening facilitator and has completed a 9 month Shamanic Womb training. 



- Sacred womb clearing and cleansing with Reiki energy healing

- Shamanic Healing to restructure the sacral chakra and clear out miasma, and to infuse with light frequencies

- Crystal therapy to gently raise the vibration of the womb space 

- Crystal bowl and Tibetan bowl sound healing to clear and transmute womb blockages

- Deep and specific guided meditations 

- Healing and clearing the ancestral mother line

- Reconnect with Mother Gaia 

- Tap into sexual and sensual empowerment

- Activate Divine Feminine essence

- Negative energy/entity extraction

- Some physical relief from symptoms of gynaecological issues such as PCOS, endometriosis etc 

- Clear sexual and spiritual trauma

- Improve confidence and self-esteem

- Improve sex life and relationships

- Spiritual and emotional healing from infertility issues

- Spiritual and emotional healing from miscarriages, stillborn and abortions

- Physical and emotional healing post birth

- Deepen your intuition and flow in life

- Suppressed emotional repair

- Guidance on connecting to your womb at home to integrate the healing into everyday life 

- Resources and personalised plan sent in a follow up email to continue your healing process at home

For additional information head to Sophia's blog here on the womb and sacral chakra. 

"The Wound is Where the Light Enters You".  Rumi

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