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Spiritual sovereignty is a path of mastery
It will ask of you nothing less than becoming who you truly are






Perhaps since your Reiki level 1 and 2 training things have begun to make more sense.

You feel more connected to yourself, to the universal energy 

You're learning to trust that magic is truly available to you 

And perhaps you can feel the gateway to your souls purpose opening even more.

I invite you Sister 

on the next step of our magical journey


Deepen your spiritual connection 

Establish yourself as a Lightworker

Claim your spiritual energy and power 

Freedom and empowerment to Heal your past, present and future 

Deepen your Sisterhood connection and sense of belonging

Create soul-level shifts and be part of the new paradigm 

Harness your gifts and launch your magic into the world 

See your highest potential and raise your vibration to match her 

circle from female hands. Feminism nursing support concept. Together women help each other



Reiki Master 3a Certification is a spiritual commitment to yourself and to the Reiki way of life. You will learn .. 

Review of Reiki principles and basics

Learn Reiki master symbols

Reiki and manifestation 

Anatomy and physiology 

Pendulum use 

Advanced chakra clearing

Give and receive Reiki 

Additional goodness ..

Cacao and opening ceremony 

Sisterhood sharing circle 

Advanced Healing techniques including chakra analysis and restructuring 

Guided meditation journey 

Reiki Master Attunement & spiritual commitment 

Sacred sound journey with Samantha May

Tea and snacks available 

Take home sacred gift 

Image by Dan Farrell


Guiding Women inwards and home to themselves is Sophia's soul purpose. She is deeply devoted to facilitating this powerful work. 

Sophia has spent the last 5 years immersing herself in Healing modalities. She has trained as a Reiki Master Teacher, Shamanic Healer, Womb Awakening facilitator, Yoga Teacher, Life Coach and NLP practitioner. 

Seeing Women reignite their inner light, and realise their power and radiance is deeply fulfilling for Sophia. 

Through the weaving of ancient teachings, both Western and Eastern, she finds great pleasure creating sacred spaces for Women to learn to thrive, not just survive 

"I was blown away with Sophia. Everything was utterly perfect, Sophia is a true gift here on Earth helping others"

- L.Hamlet, Auckland

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Samantha has held dozens of Sound Alchemy events across New Zealand which has attracted hundreds of participants.

Her distinct vocal prowess that weaves potent light codes from source has been described as "the sound of summer rain" and "other worldly" with pure depth, spectacular vibrato with nuance and grace. 

She dedicates her energy to the healing & activation of humanity, serving to anchor-in 5D energy into our Mother Earth.

Samantha will guide us through a potent sound journey while Sophia holds the Reiki attunement ceremony.



Payment plans available, please email to discuss 


Do I need prior knowledge in Reiki?

Yes, you are required to have completed Reiki levels 1 & 2 certifications, and have held your level 2  qualification for a minimum of 3 months. 

Can I teach other people Reiki after this training? 

No, you will need to complete Master level 3b which is a 3 month mentorship to become a Reiki Master Teacher 

What is my title after this training? 

Reiki Master 

Are there payment plans available?

If you are struggling to make the full payment, please email me and we can organise a payment plan. 

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Sunday 30th June
9.30am - 4pm 

The Life Centre,



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