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1:1 YOGA 

Couple Yoga

Sophia provides 1:1 yoga sessions which compliment her other offerings beautifully.

Trained in Tantrik Hatha Yoga, which is a type yoga based on the science of energy, she will curate a sequence for your unique composition and life situation. 

Sophia is fully trained and qualified in Tantrik Hatha - 150 hours advanced teacher training. 

Providing either uplifting and energising, or grounding and soothing sequences to suit the individual. 

Sophia will send you a questionnaire, allowing her to gather information on what kind of sequence you will need.


We will then spend one hour in person with you at her healing room in Torbay, going through your sequence in person, allowing you to become familiarised with the poses. If you don't live in Auckland, a zoom meeting can be arranged instead. 

Your unique sequence is then emailed to you in video format for you to practice at home. 

Your practice will be either 60mins or 90mins depending on your time commitments, and will incorporate asana (poses), pranayama (breathing techniques) and a short meditation. 

Tantrik Hatha is a powerful form of yoga and if done consistently, can produce wonderful results for issues such as anxiety, depression and lack of confidence, just to name a few. 

Investment - $180

Please email Sophia at for enquiries. 

Small groups also available. 

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