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Three Women


A transformational two day Journey into yourself 

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I invite you into this sacred container, Sister

A place of nourishment 

A pilgrimage into your heart, your shadows, your light

A place to reignite your radiance

To celebrate all that you are 

An initiation to the Healing arts 

An alchemical transformation of mind, body and soul 

To drop your armour 

To surrender into the safety of being held

To expand your knowledge 

An immersive, transformative weekend

A  journey into yourself, my dear, a Homecoming



A transformational Journey into yourself 




Training in the Healing Arts 

You will attuned to the beautiful healing energy of Reiki, receiving your Reiki level one certification by the end of the weekend. 


This certification is a magical gateway to the gentle, yet potent Reiki energy. Reiki is a well-respected and trusted, non-invasive hands on modality. It teaches us to reconnect with the universal life force energy. 


Training in energy healing is a powerful and incredibly unique journey for each person who chooses to embark on it. For some it is to find a deeper connection to themselves, their ability to heal naturally and have a stronger mind-body-spirit connection, so they can move through life with more ease and joy. For others, it is about learning powerful tools and techniques, to harness our natural ability to heal and be in sync with our minds, our intuition, our spirit and our physical body, so they can then share this with others. The benefits are endless, and as science begins to catch up, there is no better time to begin a relationship with your own energy, true inner self and intuition.


Reiki not only helps you to heal on a mental, emotional, and physical level, it also supports your personal development by enhancing self-esteem, confidence and self-worth. The training will assist you with energy revitalising, energy protection, grounding, and developing a way to be at peace with yourself and your environment


Training content:


– Learn the history of Reiki

– What Reiki is and how it works

- Learn how to give yourself self healing/Reiki

– How to practice healing on others, hand positions and treatment ethics

– Theory of the energy body, chakras, nadis to enhance your understanding of how and why healing occurs

– Learn how to clear energy blocks within the chakras, meridians and energy bodies

– Learn how to harmonise the nervous system

– Learn grounding techniques 

– Empath and energy protection techniques 

– Accelerate the body’s self- healing ability

– Deepen awareness of the Self

– Re-establish a deeper mind-body and Soul connection


A gentle Yin Reiki yoga class to open and nourish the meridians and energy centers led by Liz Hoare. Sophia does beautiful Reiki Healing for everyone during the class. 

Movement and embodiment practices throughout the weekend to bring you into your body, and out of your mind. 

Know Thyself

Process of self inquiry including journalling, and group exercises to help you delve deeper into your own being, in a safe and supportive environment. 


Tapping into your desires, dreams and what truly makes you feel alive! 




Give and receive Healings to your Sisters 


Receive Healing energy throughout the weekend from Sophia 


Move through the natural Healing process and frequency upgrade from the Reiki attunements 


At Home Coming, we explore the depth of the sister wound through honesty and ceremony. We hold ourselves + our sisters as we forgive ourselves and each other for the times we've judged and the times we've been hurt.


The cycle stops with US, we can rewrite the story. Together we will discover the truth - when she rises, you rise. When she heals, you heal. When we heal, we heal the world.


When was the last time you allowed yourself to take time out, to do something for yourself, to allow yourself to be fully held, to be supported? 


Self nourishment is a potent energy that we all need to work with. 


Allow the tranquil energy of the sacred space we are gathering at to soak into your being 


Allow your nervous system to relax with restorative practices 


Enjoy delicious plant based lunches both days at the venue 


Through ceremony and ritual we deeper our connection to ourselves and our inner feminine. Wise Women for thousands of years have used the symbol of the spiral to illuminate the journey inwards, through circle and ceremony. 


We will enjoy two Cacao ceremonies, as well as learning how to bring ceremony and ritual into your everyday lives. 


Sophia provides an integration manual, with suggested practices, rituals, ceremonies, exercises etc to continue your Healing journey at home. 


Connection with your Home coming Sisters after the weekend has ended (optional) with meet ups every 2 months


A discounted 1:1 Healing session with Sophia if you desire 


Guiding Women inwards and home to themselves is Sophia's soul purpose. She is deeply devoted to facilitating this powerful work. 

Sophia has spent the last 4 years immersing herself in Healing modalities. She has trained as a Reiki Master, Shamanic Healer, Womb Awakening facilitator, Yoga Teacher, Life Coach and NLP practitioner. 

Seeing Women reignite their inner light, and realise their power and radiance is deeply fulfilling for Sophia. 

Through the weaving of ancient teachings, both Western and Eastern, she finds great pleasure creating sacred spaces for Women to learn to thrive, not just survive 

"I was blown away with Sophia. Everything was utterly perfect, Sophia is a true gift here on Earth helping others"

- L.Hamlet, Auckland




We are SO excited to have Arise उठना Sound Healing as a guest facilitator at HomeComing sharing his magic. 


With a warm welcome, Arise will facilitate a multicultural sound healing experience, while Sophia is doing the Reiki attunement ceremony.


A loving space to relax, receive and connect with ancient wisdom as you tune into the sacred healing vibrations of; Native American flutes, Taonga Pūoro, Handpan, Crystal quartz singing bowls and more.


In Sound Healing Therapy, one connects with the essence of nature, with intuition, allowing an enormous physical, mental and energetic energisation. During the meditation practice, the brain areas connected to positive thoughts are stimulated and activated, promoting psychological well-being.


An opportunity to show up as you are, guided by the scared sound of love and renewal.





- Reiki Level 1 Certification 
- A Yin Reiki yoga class
- Two delicious catered vegetarian lunches 
- Sacred Sound Healing Journey with Arise Sound Healing 
-Healing energy from Sophia throughout the weekend
- 50% off in person session with Sophia post HomeComing 
- Cacao ceremonies 
- Reiki take home manual 
- Integration take home manual 
- Self care take home gift including hand made soy crystal candle, a beautiful crystal + extras!


"Sophia facilitated my Reiki level 1 over the weekend. It was the most beautiful and transformative experience of my life. She shares her knowledge with grace and ease, she is a real pleasure to learn from. Sophia created a safe and open space which allowed for some really special connections with the other women in attendance possible. I felt so safe and supported by Sophia and am now living as an empowered, radiant version of myself. So grateful."

- Amy Cole

"I trained in Reiki level 1 with Sophia. The workshop was absolutely life changing and I am incredibly honoured to have learned from Sophia. She is warm, open, respectful and receptive. Sophia creates a safe and comfortable environment which is not only aesthetically pleasing but also filled with the intention of healing and growth. I would highly recommend booking a session with her as she is gifted and genuine. I will be returning to complete my level 2 with her as well."

Deesha Priyadarshani

"HomeComing - wow! What an amazing 2 day experience where I trained in level 1 Reiki. Sophia is so kind and welcoming. Throughout the weekend we learnt all about Reiki and got to practice it on one another, had a blissful yoga session, a sound healing journey, sharing, connecting and so much more! I really got to know myself on a deeper level. This whole weekend blew me away I can’t even describe!!!! I feel so much more connected to myself and others since completing level 1, and am so grateful to have attended. My cup is so full!!! I would do it again in a heartbeat. Highly recommend to anyone. Thank you Sophia!"

- Hannah Brockliss


Do I need prior knowledge in Reiki or Healing?

Absolutely not! All levels of experience welcome 

How many Women will be on the training?

To keep the setting intimate, there is a maximum of 10 Sisters 

Am I able to start practicing Reiki once I have completed the training?

Yes, on yourself, plants and animals, and free sessions for friends and family. 

Are there payment plans available?

If you are struggling to make the full payment, please email me and we can organise a payment plan. 

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