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Sophia is going on Maternity leave in May 2023, and is fully booked until then. 

Please subscribe at the bottom of the page for details on events she will be holding over the next year, as well as info on when Healings open back up x 

Sophia combines powerful Healing techniques to provide a deeply nourishing and healing experience.

A beautiful, safe and supportive environment, Sophia draws from her own intuitive and channeling abilities, alongside highly effective healing techniques, to provide a deeply nourishing experience for the body, mind and spirit. 

Sophia's healing techniques help to clear energetic blockages and raise your vibrational frequency. This allows for greater balance, alignment, harmony and a deeper connection to your true self.


These powerful healing modalities support you to release old programming, beliefs and patterns that are no longer serving you, which creates space to experience a reality that is in alignment with your truth and purpose. 


A healing session promotes feelings of security, surrender, emotional release, love and comfort. 

Sophia believes that there is no 'one size fits all' when it comes to healing.


She is intuitively led by her guides, and chooses all or a combination of the healing techniques below, that she believes will best serve you.

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Sophia is a Reiki Master, meaning she has been attuned to the highest level of Usui Reiki Method.


Energy healing is the practice of aligning our lifeforce, also known as chi, prana, or ki around the world. It’s a safe and gentle process of clearing stagnant energies from our physical, mental, emotional and subtle bodies.

Energy healings are opportunities for deep restoration on every level. We create a sacred space to witness yourself without judgement and with compassion.

Life force energy is administered to the recipient from the practitioners hands, to balance, align and nourish the body on a cellular level. Sophia facilitates heart centred energy work to assist in the gentle dissolution of tensions and limitations. 

Reiki is gentle and safe healing technique, and anyone can benefit from it, even pregnant women. 

Unsure how Reiki works in the body and if you can benefit? Head to the blog with lots of extra info

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Prior to starting, Sophia does an energy scan of the body, and chooses a crystal protocol based on the needs of the body and your current life situation. For example, she has a specific crystal protocol for clients with anxiety or depression.


Crystals are placed on the chakras, which help address specific issues, either by clearing negative energy from the system (like pain, stress or sadness), and/or providing the supportive energy a client needs (like calm, enhanced focus or vitality).


She is guided by her intuition, and her knowledge of crystals and their properties.

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Chakra is translated to 'spinning wheel of light'. Chakras are powerful energy centres, that overlie major nerve plexuses and organs along the spinal cord and in the cranium.


They each govern specific aspects of our inner being, and together they make the subtle components of people. 

Chakra's that are out of balance cause a myriad of issues ranging from chronic physical illness to a lack in libido. 

Check out Sophia's blog on Chakra balancing for more info. 

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Sophia provides intuitive guided meditation journey's during the healing if she feels called to do so.


These range from inner child and shadow work meditations, to chakra and self love visualisations. 

Her soothing voice will guide you through an exploration of yourself, providing a safe container to explore and heal. You may be guided to meet fragmented and wounded parts of yourself that have previously been denied.


These journey's provide further release of stagnant energy often caused by trauma, allowing these experiences to be fully integrated into your reality. 

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Sophia uses Crystal and Tibetan singing bowls and vibrational tuning forks as powerful tools for shifting and clearing dense energies.

Sound healing works by sending sound waves throughout your body, which brings harmony through oscillation and resonance. This helps restore your body's balance which in turn helps you heal


Sound healing also raises our vibrational frequency, which allows us to move beyond old energetic patterns and attract more of what we desire. 

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  • Anxiety and stress reduction 

  • Releasing emotional stress or trauma from our body tissues and energetic system 

  • Healing wounds around love, including grief, loss, shame and self-hatred. 

  • Physical healing and pain relief, via increased circulation and and oxygenation to areas that need it

  • Kick starting the body's natural healing capabilities through deep relaxation  

  • Strengthening of the immune system through releasing toxins 

  • A shift from 'fight or flight' to the relaxation response

  • Potential reduced blood pressure, heart rate and stress hormones

  • A restoration of balance to mind, body and soul

  • Spiritual healing and empowerment 

  • Help with menstrual issues and womb healing

  • Increased fertility 

  • Connect to your intuition

  • Healing after birth physically, emotionally and spiritually

  • Connection with self and a sense of embodiment 

You will leave feeling relaxed, free, nourished, aligned and inspired.

Sophia only does a limited number of healing sessions per week to ensure her clients receive an optimal session, and to ensure she doesn't become depleted. Due to this, Sophia only takes on a limited number of new clients.

Come and gift yourself an experience of deep nourishment, release, relaxation and surrender, and allow the space for intuitive guidance and healing in your life, which you so deserve!


You can either book online below, or if you can't find a session time that suits, contact Sophia to see if another time can be arranged.


Sessions are held at her beautiful healing room in Torbay, Auckland.

Please note: Healing is a journey, and requires patience, commitment and time. A session with Sophia isn't a 'quick or magic fix'. Sometimes, multiple sessions are needed to shift lifelong patterns. 

Please see the client love tab for testimonials x

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