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Reiki for Anxiety...Powerful yet Gentle Relief

Do you experience difficulty in social situations, often feeling awkward or out of place? Or perhaps you have a constant anxious undertone in life, living always in 'fight or flight' mode rather than 'rest and digest'. Maybe you struggle to drive your car or complete basic daily tasks without your heart rate rising, and that all too familiar sweaty palm feeling. However you experience anxiety, I FEEL you and I SEE you. It ain't easy and I'd love to have a chat with you around some of my own findings.

Anxiety is an old friend of mine, and we have had an interesting relationship for most of my life. I have felt called to share a bit of my own journey with anxiety, as this is one of the most common issues the women I treat are dealing with in their lives. I actually love working with women with anxiety, as I find they are already very in tune with their energetics and emotions. In addition to my own story, I want to share some insights on how Reiki can be a powerful yet gentle way to rebalance your mind, body and spirit.

Now I have had ALOT of personal experience with anxiety. Some of you beauties may be able to relate. I was sitting in a therapists office a few years ago, prior to starting my spiritual journey, and she asked me when I first experienced anxiety. I thought back to school, about 8 years old, when I wrote on the wrong page of a friends end of year book (you know those year books when you write how amaze your year was with your friends etc). I went home that night unable to sleep, and feeling really caught up about it. After explaining this, I looked at the therapists expression and realised this was far from normal for a kid that young! From there my anxiety progressed to struggling with driving, with social interactions, to difficulty at University and then in the workforce.

This led to low self confidence, and then along came alcohol! Wow I was all of a sudden free of feeling anxious at times, and turned into the life and soul of the party (another blog completely!). I was completely unaware that there were ways in which I could manage the constant inner dialogue that didn't involve talk therapy and numbing. I felt as though I had tried everything - with no avail. It didn't seem to matter how many damn yoga classes I attended, or how often I tried to 'think positive', I just couldn't get it to budge!

Then along came Reiki! Reiki treatments were the catalyst to some of the epic transformations I experienced. I quickly trained and received my Reiki certification so I could apply this magic to myself at home. I started to feel more in tune with myself and my body, I made healthier life choices, I cared for my mind with practices such as meditation, and I started filling my own cup. I actually started to love myself and started to feel safe within my own body. From this place I gained the inner strength to look at my past traumas, and began processes such as inner child re-parenting. I felt way more confident within myself, and could be social without needing that first drink to 'break the ice'. My anxiety started becoming less and less of an issue in my life, and I started going days, then weeks, then months without experiencing it.

As a result of this, I am SUPER driven to guide women towards a calmer and more peaceful life. I have been there, and I know how hard it can be. I receive HUGE satisfaction when I see Reiki helping others as it helped me.

Although responses to Reiki vary from session to session, clients almost always state they feel deeply relaxed. During a healing the body shifts from sympathetic (fight-or-flight) mode into parasympathetic (rest and digest) mode. Parasympathetic mode is often referred to as the Relaxation Response; this is the state that your body needs to cultivate to heal. Reiki Healings jumpstart your body's natural self healing process, balancing mental and emotional states, aiding in detoxification and releasing deep tension.

We hold chronic anxiety, tension and emotions in the muscles of our body. A Reiki session can release these and bring them to the forefront. Sometimes this is a the first time in many years the recipient is actually able to relax! To take a real deep, nourishing breath and settle into themselves. I find that clients may cry, feel anger, or they may simply fall asleep. Any of these reactions to the healing process are welcomed and held in a safe space to be processed.

As the mind and body continues to balance over the coming days or weeks post healing session, clients often report feeling less reactive, more grounded, more focused, calmer in stressful situations and even more intuitive and spiritually connected!

Now I always warn my clients that they may have detox symptoms of the mind and body post session. This is GOOD! This means that you are healing, and that is what you came for in the first place. Embrace the symptoms such as headache and feeling emotionally tender, as your body is recalibrating itself. Be in awe of your body and its innate way of healing.

Receiving regular session offers long lasting results. If you've been experiencing anxiety for a long time, consider booking three sessions as a starting point. As a rule, acute conditions tend to balance faster than chronic ones, so if anxiety has been banging around in your head for a long time, it will take a little more time to release it than if you've only had the anxiety for a couple of weeks.

You really do have to experience Reiki to understand if it can help you or not. If you are keen to try non-pharmacological options or to complement an existing treatment plan, it's worth discovering whether it could help alleviate your anxiety! I know for sure I wish I had discovered it earlier along my journey. Anxiety is an extremely difficult condition to live with, and I am so proud of the brave women out there fighting this grind!

I offer a $20 discount for first time clients, and am also opening this offering for distance Reiki if you don't live in the Auckland region. Check in with yourself, and see if this feels aligned with your healing journey.

Also, reach out and say Hi, I'd love to chat and hear about your experiences!

Much love,

Sophia x


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