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Awakening your intuition - 6 steps to get you started!

Think back to the last time you heard yourself say, I knew I shouldn’t have taken this route home, I knew you were going to say that, I knew you were going to call this morning. Those hunches, gut feelings, instincts, that knowing - is your intuition.

Without learning how to listen to our intuition, we are usually led by our rational mind, or by the external advice from others. This can cause a huge disconnection from self. Knowing how to trust our inner guidance creates so much more space for everyday magic to occur.

We have an abundance of wisdom right at our core, humanity's best kept secret.. Our intuition. Our intuition is not usually available from our conscious mind, and the information we receive comes from the unconscious.

I like to refer to intuition as the still, small voice within. A quiet voice that gently guides and navigates us through our lives, helping us to live in our highest forms. Intuition when listened to can help lead us to our life's purpose, make wise decisions, and also helps guide us with what not to do, what to be careful of and what isn’t the right path for us. When we have a deep connection with our inner knowing, life has more ease and flow, and a beautiful trusting relationship is formed with self.

We all receive intuitive messages in different ways, and yes, everyone is capable of connecting with their intuition! Here are some tips to get you started:

1. Silence your mind

To access your intuition you need to go within. And to go within we need calm, relaxed minds. Stressed out and anxious minds often make it very difficult to connect to your intuition. I highly recommend meditation to access this state. Even if you spend 5 mins connecting to your breath, and imagining a white glowing light beaming out of your chest, increasing and expanding with every breath until your whole being and aura is filled with a white light. You can imagine this light is clearing away anything you don’t need, and connecting you to yourself.

2. Start small and remove expectations!

When you are just starting to develop this awareness, ask your intuition for help with small things. As with any relationship, you need to build trust and put in time and effort to reap the rewards. Ask your guidance for the right route to take home before checking google maps, or if you have errands to run ask which ones to do first to save time. Slowly build up this trust and let your intuition prove itself to you.

3. Get an intuitive notebook

Recording the answers and guidance you are receiving throughout the day helps you to keep track and stay connected to your inner voice. It also brings to light how much your inner guidance is already working for you.

4. Check in regularly

I love to start my day while still laying in bed, asking my intuition if there's anything I need to know that day. Often I will have a feeling to call a friend, or go to a certain place and there is always some magic waiting for me if I listen. You can continue checking in throughout the day, building that relationship and connection.

5. The body never lies!

Focus on sensation in the body when asking for guidance. We all receive intuitive messages in different ways - some of us have clear seeing and visualise messages, some of us have clear hearing and hear messages in things such as songs, some have clear knowing and just know something is right, and some have clear sensing and receive messages through our senses.

Feeling into how something sits in your body is a powerful tool. Focus on your body's response - if you feel expansive that’s often a good indicator, if you feel contracted then listen to this. Trusting our gut instead of our minds takes trust, an open mind, and practice.

6. Clear your third eye chakra

Our third eye chakra (located at the space between our eyebrows) is our seat of intuition. In the healing room I have many people in with third eye imbalances, which often manifests as disconnection from inner wisdom, a fear based inner dialogue, and lack of clarity. Having this chakra cleared by an energy healer with chakra knowledge can significantly enhance our intuitive clarity.

The most common obstacle when beginning this connecting with our intuition, is being confused between the voice of intuition and the voice of fear. Many of us operate from a very rational brain, and struggle to allow this still quiet voice to be heard. Once again is super important to drop into the body and feel into how each voice is expressed.

Fear is - Highly emotionally charged, often a loud voice, vague, feels dark and heavy, causes you to get lost in cycles/stories about your situation.

Intuition is - Unemotional, quiet, clear, calm and feels right.

I hope you enjoy getting to know and awakening your still, small voice within!

Learning to trust your intuition is such a fulfilling, lifelong tool to guide you back home to yourself.

With love & devotion,

Sophia x



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