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8 Ways to Raise your Vibration

Our bodies and everything around us is energetic in nature. Everything is energy, and it all vibrates at different frequencies. Including you. Crazy thought huh, but true!

The level of energy that we are vibrating at directly affects the way we experience life. Our energetic vibrations are continuously impacted as we are constantly changing; every interaction, thought, reaction impacts our state of being.

So basically, lower vibrational energy vibrates and moves slow, attracting toxic, dense, negative people, places and things. Higher vibrational energy vibrates and moves fast, attracting the opposite - love, abundance and joy.

The law of attraction states - like attracts like. This is true when looking at how our vibrational frequency is creating our reality. High vibrations are going to attract things that also vibrate highly and unfortunately same goes for low vibrations

If we are vibrating at a low frequency, we often find ourselves stuck in negative cycles, drawn to low vibrational things such as alcohol and drugs, find ourselves frequently unwell and drained, and living from a place of fear. Most of us don't even know our vibration is low, and believe that the way we are experiencing life is just the norm.

If however we have worked on our vibration, raising it and nourishing it, we find life has more ease and flow, and we attract more of what we desire such as people, opportunities and energy.

Luckily it doesn't take much to begin to raise your vibration. Here are some of my favourite ways to do so x.

1. You are what you eat

Everything carries energy, and so of course, what we consume into our bodies, in our homes, and on our skin, all has a vibration. Choosing high-quality foods, water, and products that are free of chemicals, hormones, pesticides, and other low vibration ingredients will help raise your vibration. The closer to the source the food you purchase is, the higher it's vibration is - all the more reason to shop and support local!

2. Be mindful of what you consume

This time I am speaking what you are consuming energetically. We are living in a time where we know everything about what is happening in the world - and this isn't always a good thing. Things such as watching too much news and excessive social media use can lower our mood and vibration. I have cut out the news all together and I promise I don't miss out on anything I need to know!

3. Start your day in high vibration with a morning practice

When we sleep, our point of attraction is at rest. Right when you wake up, you set your vibration for the day and have an easier chance to raise it first thing. If you need help creating a daily practice, reach out as I have a few I use for myself and my clients. Or you can make your own - including aspects of mindful movement such as yoga, breath and stillness I find most effective.

4. Thoughts, intentions and manifestation

Our energetic vibrations are continuously impacted as we are constantly changing; every interaction, thought, reaction impacts our state of being. The more often we can shift our thoughts to ones that serve us, the more grounded we will be in high vibration. Negative and self critical thoughts will only pull you down, so use the power of your intention to say no to those, and choose thoughts that will serve you.

Manifest your dreams - the best time to do this is at the new moon. Check out my instagram post on tips for manifesting! Manifesting is a fast track way to pull you into high vibe.

5. Own your shadows, bring light to your subconscious and work with your lower chakras

Being high vibration doesn't mean you shut off feelings such as anger, frustration, sadness etc. This is spiritual bypass and won't help you reach where you want to be in your life.

Dealing with your karma (the 'baggage' you have bought into this life) through shadow work, delving into your subconscious and clearing the density from your lower chakras so kundalini can rise are all things equally as important as working to raise your vibration. They go hand in hand :)

6. Connect to Mother Earth - in particular the water element

Get out in nature and take walks regularly. Absorb the fresh air, positive ions and notice the beauty in everything natural.

Water carries great energy, or chi. It is a natural force which is very healing, cleansing and high vibrational (when pure). Flowing water represents flowing energy or chi​, so immerse yourself in it if you can!

7. Meditate

Meditation guides us to connect with our higher self, to expand our consciousness and still the fluctuations of the mind. Meditating even for 10mins a day will have a positive impact on your vibration.

8. Engage in energy/vibrational healing

Energy healing works directly with raising your vibration, and in my experience is the fastest way to do so, especially if you are feeling stuck and unsure where to start. Energy healing is also cumulative - so the more you have the more you accumulate into your energetic body, making it easier to stay strong and grounded in high vibration.

Energy healing clears dense, low vibrational energy or blockages from our energetic body, meaning the energy flows more freely and moves faster and at a higher vibration.

Tools used alongside Reiki energy healing that further promote higher vibrational frequencies and remove density are sound healing, vibrational tools such as tuning forks, crystal therapy, breathwork and guided visualisation. I use all these tools in my healings, feel free to check out my healing's page on the site for more details on each.

As I always say to my clients - please don't make this another 'thing' you have to worry about! Start small, and adopt one new practice or ritual at a time, until it becomes a habit. If we try to change too many things at once, usually nothing sticks and we end up right back where we started.

And enjoy the ride! Raising your vibration is a beautiful process of self discovery. You will learn many things about yourself along the way. And please reach out if you have any questions, I would love to help!

With love & devotion,

Sophia xx

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Lana Clark
Lana Clark
Sep 07, 2021

Love this ❤️ Yes say goodbye to the media! and hello to peace ☮️ thank you for sharing your wisdom

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