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Healing your Womb & Sacral Chakra - Relationships, Sexuality & Physical Imbalances

Are you disconnected from your womb, your sensuality and your inner feminine? Do you suffer from conditions such as PCOS, endometriosis, cycle irregularity, severe PMS or recurrent thrush? A lot of people experience problems in these areas if they suppress their emotions. They bottle them up, or push them deep down inside where they fester and cause a myriad of problems.

Do you find yourself living in a masculine, action orientated world, pushing away the soft, flowing aspects of yourself? Are you struggling with intimacy and connection to self?

Chances are your Sacral Chakra may be out of whack, particularly if you have had trauma in this space. Perhaps you have experienced traumatic events such as sexual abuse, rape, miscarriage, surgical procedures, abortion or, you haven’t cared for your sacred space by unconsciously sleeping with people you actually didn’t want to, or maybe you have been living a lifestyle that you know isn’t conducive to a healthy womb space. Any and all of the above can lead to imbalances in the sacral chakra/womb space, which can cause a myriad of physical issues.

A quick run down on Chakras - The word Chakra means 'spinning wheel of light'. Chakras are powerful energy centres and we have 7 main ones. They have their own unique colours, frequencies and functions. Chakras regulate the functioning of our entire being - the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual parts of ourselves.

Your Sacral Chakra is located in the lower abdomen, below and behind the belly button. For a woman it is her womb space, ovaries, vagina (basically your whole yoni), kidneys, urine tract and lower back, and for a man it is his penis, testicles, kidneys, urine tract and lower back. It is the source of our emotional and creative energy, passions, desires and pleasure. It is supportive in developing our personality and sense of self, along with our ability to form healthy relationships with others. Our sexuality, sensuality, desire and intimacy are all regulated at the sacral chakra.

When the sacral chakra is deficient we commonly have an inability to form physical and emotional intimacy, suffer low sex drive, lack of creativity and passion, may isolate ourselves, depression, reproductive issues, slow digestion, bladder and kidney issues, hormonal imbalance and chronic back pain.

When excessive we are prone to addictions; in particular sex, food, alcohol and drugs, mood swings, are overly social, we avoid being alone, have inability to focus on one thing and finish what we started, anxiety, loyalty issues, hormonal issues, inflammatory issues of the kidneys, bladder and reproductive organs.

When balanced, we feel emotionally balanced and stable. We have a strong sense of who we are, and are creative, friendly and imaginative. We are able to form healthy and loving intimate relationships. We are fuelled by our passions, and experience balanced functioning of our reproductive organs. Nurturing ourselves and others comes easily to us.

My own story with this is probably quite relatable to many of you. I partied hard in my teen years and into my twenties. I binged regularly on alcohol, numbing and disconnecting from myself, my womb and sacral area. I slept unconsciously with people, when deep down I knew I didn’t want to be doing that. I had recurrent thrush, UTI’s and also had numerous cervical cancer removal surgeries. In my late twenties I was still suffering with the physical gynaecological issues, alongside anxiety and low sex drive. To top it all off, I had an emergency c-section with my son - so you can imagine the state my sacred space was in!. During my awakening on my spiritual path, I started to connect, honour, accept and heal my sacral chakra and womb. This led me to developing a strong relationship with self and my partner, I gave my body what it needed in order to heal, I had increased intimacy, and my gyno problems started to fade away. Woo hoo!

Here’s some ways to connect to and heal your womb/sacral chakra

1. Listen to your body and what it’s trying to tell you

Connect with your inner self. FEEL into your emotions, don’t push them away to be stored in your tissues (where they flare up and come out when least expected!) Take time each day to drop into your inner world (meditation is THE best way to do this!). Ask yourself ‘what do I need in this moment?’

2. Connect with and drink lots of water

The Sacral Chakra represents the water element, and is related to the moon and tides. Drink heaps to flush your system, but also try and be around water as much as possible. Whether that swimming in the ocean or lake, paddling your feet, or having a sea salt bath.

3. See a yoni mapping/de armouring therapist

Yoni mapping/de armouring is an extremely healing experience. The practitioner works with you as an individual, and treats you accordingly. Yoni mapping/de armouring helps to release internal wounds and trauma to make way for healing. It's basically energy healing, but internal (or vaginal). I had this done with an AMAZING woman in Auckland, and it was a very beneficial part of my healing process. If you would like more info on this, or the name of my therapist, please reach out. It’s SUPER important to go to the right type of person for this work.

4. Connect to your inner feminine - shake your booty!

Dance instantly connects us to the fluid, creative, sensual and expressive parts of ourselves. Put your fav song on every couple of days and let loose! If you are interested in healing dance, there's an epic woman doing some incredible things through dance healing. You can find her on insta @mamatuanuku

5. See a Naturopath

Seeing an amazing Naturopath literally changed my life when it comes to my womb. Naturopathic treatment alongside the other healing work I was doing, healed my hormonal acne, candida issues in my gut, and I no longer suffer with thrush, UTI’s and I have had two normal cervical smears, which is unheard of for me! Get in touch if you would like the contact details of my Naturopath.

6. Engage in energetic womb healing

Womb Healing is a practice that can help awaken and heal your connection to your authentic feminine self. The womb carries so much, it can feel painful, not even just physically painful, but heavy, as we store so much emotion and energy here.

Womb healing with Reiki works directly with the reproductive system and womb centre.

The benefits of womb healing include: releasing energetic cords of past lovers, increase clarity/intuition, spark creative energy, revitalise sensuality, and remove energetic/emotional blockages that may cause physical disharmony.

Those with chronic illness of the womb like endometriosis and PCOS may find temporary or long term physical relief after a course of treatments.

Womb reiki has been sought after by those with pregnancy related healing like infertility, miscarriage, abortion support and postpartum healing. But for those who have no desire for pregnancy or medically cannot conceive, womb reiki has supported them through hysterectomies, heavy, absent or irregular periods and endometrial ablations.

Keep an eye out for my upcoming Womb Healing package offering! External womb healing including Energetic healing, sacred smoke clearing, meditations, sound healing, cord cutting, de armouring, massage, breath-work and coaching to integrate. Watch this space! X

Happy healing everyone!

Much Love,

Sophia x


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