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Offerings for mind, body and spirit Healing, to promote overall wellbeing 

Walking hand and hand with you, on your journey back home to yourself 







+ Intuitive Reiki Energy Healing

+ Distance Healing & Channeling 

+ Reiki Training's 

+ Womb Healing 

+ 1:1 Yoga

+ Group Workshops & Events 


Welcome, my name's Sophia! I am so glad you're here.

I am a Master Energy healer & Teacher, Shamanic healer, vibrational healer, intuitive, yoga teacher, Womb Healer, coach and mentor and I am here to guide you on your journey of healing and self discovery.


I channel life force energy during healing sessions, which increases the body's vibrational energy. This energy facilitates and guides recipients to release emotions that no longer serve them, have a deeper connection to self, reignite their own healing capabilities and envelop a sense of empowerment and embodiment. 


I use a combination of powerful healing modalities during each session including but not limited to Reiki energy healing, crystal healing, sound healing, guided meditation journey's, breathing techniques, chakra balancing, intuitive guidance and spiritual mentoring.  

I draw from extensive research, training, workshops and life experience on the energetics of healing both the body and the mind.

Come and gift yourself an experience of deep nourishment, release, relaxation and surrender, and allow the space for intuitive guidance and healing in your life, which you so deserve. 

If you are drawn to my offerings, you are in the right place. To learn more about me, head here

With love & devotion,

Sophia x 

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Are you feeling stressed, overwhelmed, anxious or lacking lust for life? Do you have emotional traumas stored in your body that you need to release? Do you have illness, or a low immune system and your body is asking you for some nourishment? 


A beautiful safe and supportive environment, Sophia uses a modality of healing techniques to provide transformative results. 


A healing session is a beautiful relaxing and deeply nourishing experience, which promotes feelings of security, surrender, emotional release, love and comfort. 



A beautiful combination of Reiki Energy healing and Channeling offers the recipient all the benefits of a in person healing, in the comfort of their own home.


Sophia facilitates a distance healing ceremony, where she can tap into your energy field and remove blocked and stagnant energy, raise your vibrational frequency, and connect you to your innate healing abilities. 

Sophia channels intuitive insights and guidance for the recipient, which enables the healing to continue after the session. 

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Not only does the womb hold our divine feminine essence, sexual, sensual and deep root energy, but it can also hold undigested emotions and experiences.

This divine space can be affected by emotional trauma related to physical intimacy, personal stories, unconscious contracts, pregnancy troubles or past life trauma. Examples can include physical bloating, cramps, issues with sex life, anxiety and fear regarding intimacy and relationships.

Sophia provides a modality of womb healing techniques to release and revive your sacred space. 

Yoga Studio

1:1 YOGA 

Sophia provides 1:1 yoga sessions which compliment her other offerings beautifully.

Trained in Tantrik Hatha Yoga, which is a type yoga based on the science of energy, she will curate a sequence for your unique composition and life situation. 

Providing either uplifting and energising, or grounding and soothing sequences to suit the individual. 


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