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A powerful energetic clearing which aids in removing the energetic disturbances caused by the vaccine. 

This offering can be done either in person, or via distance healing. 

Sophia has been trained and certified to facilitate this healing by the Neo-Shamanic society. 

This Healing includes: 

Analysis of the chakras 
Removal of clouds of mucous and miasma caused by the vaccine 
Restructuring the chakras so they are functioning correctly
Immersion of the chakras with 3 different types of light frequency 
Healing of the different layers of the Auric field 
General administration of life force energy 

It is recommended that you have an epsom salts bath afterwards for optimal cleansing, or a swim in the ocean. 

Please note - this clearing is energetic in nature, and while it may help with physical side effects from the vaccine, it is not guaranteed. 

This clearing should be repeated after every booster. 

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