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Tarot Guidance

Image by Jen Theodore

Do you have some questions you would like guidance on? Are you feeling stuck in a rut? Do you need some intuitive guidance at the moment? 


Trained by the famous Wellington Psychic Barbara Shaw, Sophia offers a beautiful, informative reading to nourish and guide you. She recommends coming prepared with questions you would like to ask and an idea of what you would like out of the session. 

Sophia has natural intuitive psychic abilities, and she may share these findings with you if you wish.

The healing room where readings are held is a clear and safe space. Sophia understands the importance of spiritual safety, and respects the need for the space, herself and the client to be cleansed before and after a reading. 

Sophia only provides this service in person, and only does 1-2 readings a week to ensure the client has an optimal reading, and Sophia doesn't conduct readings for the sole purpose of reaching loved one who have passed. 

If by chance Sophia has a psychic block with you, she will offer a full refund. Please also see her Psychic ethics before booking a session. 

CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE - Please reach out to go on the waiting list.

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