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Distance Sacred Womb Healing

An advanced high vibrational healing in the comfort of your home

  • 1 hour 15 minutes
  • 135 New Zealand dollars
  • Onepoto Road

Service Description

Sophia facilitates a beautiful womb healing ceremony with you, while you relax and rest in your own home. Sophia works closely with her guides to release spiritual and emotional trauma within the Sacred Womb including sexual trauma, ancestral karma, infertility issues and self confidence issues. This inspires the re-connection within yourself and healing of your sacred womb. It is important to note that womb work is the work of a lifetime. The healings themselves will aid in clearing energetic trauma, but Sophia will also provide you with rituals to do at home to ignite your own self healing ability, and to support yourself through your journey. Here's some details: + It is best to be laying down or sitting in a comfortable space in your home for the duration of the session. Most people like to lay down in bed to fully relax. If you fall asleep, that's fine, the healing will still be just as effective. + To create a space conducive to healing - such as phone off, dimmed lights, ensuring you are uninterrupted. + For distance healings, you don’t have to do anything in particular, but you are welcome to meditate, or simply relax and put some nice soothing music on. You could find a womb healing meditation that resonates with you on insight timer, and place your hands on your womb to aid in your connection to your sacred space. + It's important not to try too hard to 'do anything'. Simply relaxing, acknowledging and dropping into your body and asking that your mind, body and spirit be open to the healing are the best things you can do. + Creating a sacred space can be a beautiful way to drop into the moment. Lighting a candle or incense, using sage or palo santo smoke to clear if you have some, and setting an intention for the healing. You may like to have your journal handy for post session, to write anything that comes up for you. + Avoid stimulants such as alcohol, coffee etc be avoided for at least 6 hours before the session. + Send Sophia a photo of yourself so she can tune into your energy, even if you have met in person. There is no verbal contact between you and Sophia during the healing. Many people report feeling energy moving through their body during the healing, know that if you do or don't both are totally normal. You will receive a personalised follow up email with resources and exercises to integrate the healing into your every day life. Upon booking, Sophia will send you an email with extra details.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule, please provide 24 hours notice

Contact Details

  • Onepoto Road, Hauraki, Auckland, New Zealand

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